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Triceraboss. The triceratops who wears aviators.

He’s blasting you with his radar gun on the mass pike, making sure you’re obeying all those speed limits. Take it from me pal, don’t mess with the triceraboss.

I dig it. I dig where this guy went. It was quite a journey. Went through three or four color schemes before landing on this one. Mrs. Mandy said it should be dark olive green. I was like “WhAaAaAaAt!?” Then she said purple and yellow WHAAAAAT.

Decided to make it flat again, like the Bamberman. I kinda dig how it looks. Definitely considering buying some stickers of this guy.

Digitally inked in Photoshop with the old Intuos. Got my pressure sensitivity down, son.

Triceraboss is also available on Redbubble. And Society 6 too. Check it out over there okay?

Got some detail shots below. You can check those out too if you so desire!

I’m going to be changing up the way I post things. Instead of doing one “Featured Merch” post for each drawing, I’ll do one with several different products in it? How’s that sound? Cool? YAHOO.

Hope you’re having a fantastic New Year! Got some weird things coming your way really, really soon.

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Always sketchin'. Always drawin' something rather odd... Rather strange... I work traditionally and digitally. I like Beta Ray Bill and The Hulk. I also like Lobo. There's actually a couple other comic book guys I like too.

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