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That’s what I’m imagining an elephant frat house sounds like. Getting drunk and goring each other with their tusks over some elephant babe. Then they apologize, trunk bump and go “I’M SORRY BRO. YOU KNOW YOU’RE MY BRO!”

trunk bump sketchThis was fun. Like, a lot of fun. I had no idea where it was going. Just started drawing an elephant thinking “meh, I’ll make it shooting fire balls out of its trunk or something.” Suddenly, a eureka moment. Make it an ele-bro…

So hell yeah I kept broing him up. Give him that sideways hat? Yup. Equip him with a fist-bump-bro-trunk? YUP. THIS IS THE DUDE. He and the Armadillbro chumming it up at the local frat. Two bros… Four ever.

Kinda drawn in a similar style to Triceraboss. I consider this my true style. I know I do the vector dance a lot these days, but I really enjoy sketching with the tablet. It’s very therapeutic. Same with the coloring. More of an airbrush feel to it, and sometimes I just dig that. Didn’t restrict myself to a limited color palette either, which made the process that much more enjoyable.

Even took a little video of a very small amount of the digital inking. I’ll put it up on the Facebook page later.

TRUNK BUMP, BRO is available at the Redbubble shop now! It’s also been accepted into the Society 6 shop, which is awesome! (UPDATE: AVAILABLE AT DESIGN BY HUMANS!) Oh boy! Go check it out there, as well. You can also see some selected products in the slider below (as usual).

Might be pumping out some more designs in this fashion. Like I said, really enjoy the illustrative process. Stay tuned!

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