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Winston Brick’s Sweet Kicks

Winston Bricks making a comeback!

I came across my dapper buddy here and said “why the heck isn’t he existing on Redbubble or Society 6?”

Well, now he is!

Everybody’s favorite office gorilla/tiki/frankenstein man can be yours on a variety of projects! crazy right? It’s crazy.

This was part of the last Inktober I took part in. Never really got around to 2015’s inktober. I feel bad about that. BUT. I did make most of my inktober drawings into finished pieces, so that’s gotta count for something right!? It does. IT DOES. SHUT UP.

I am surprised at how well this translated to the products in the shops. Looks good on everything in Redbubble and Society 6 alike. That is rare. But what do you expect? Look at this dude. He’s dressed to the nines and he doesn’t have time for your excuses. I never really got around to giving this a decent write up. I also never got around to posting detail shots of him. So let’s do that, shall we? Below is some deet shots, click to enlarge them. Under that — a slideshow of a variety of products from Society 6. Scroll through them, they’re worth scoping. Kinda cool to check out.

Maaan. This makes me want to get back into the inktober spirit! I just finished that Gum Shoe drawing with pens and now I’m itching for more. I’m in the middle of some diesel projects right now, but you can bet your pretty little behind that I will be throwing ink around like a squid once I wrap those up. So stay tuned my dudes. Stay tuned and you know what? Heh… Stay strange.

detail 1
detail 2
detail 3
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Wall clock | winston clock
iPad case | ipad
Pillow | pillow
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Stationary cards | cards
T-shirt |  t-shirt
Mug | mug
Throw blanket | blanket
Laptop skin | laptop
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