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Whatchu Workin On? 7/7/15

something so disturbing about this thing
something so disturbing about this thing

Howdy, been off the grid working on a secret project with my bro, but managed to get a couple things together, y’know?

Sitting outside this past weekend — listening to my drunk neighbors yell about how they were “going to Bob’s” one million times (they never actually went to Bob’s), I somehow drafted up this abomination. I think it’s some sort of representation of everyone’s favorite hedgehog. He looks like he’s not doing well at all, though. But at least he’s got the emerald. He’s been chasing that emerald.

And look at that stupid fox… Ugh. I hate him.

Started digitally inking it [see below]. God only knows why. It’s almost painful to draw this… Something about it deeply upsets me! Sahnic! STAAAHP!

terrifying progress shot
terrifying progress shot

I want to finish this guy up. Revising the We Are Not Alone idea from many moons ago. Making it more appropriate for a t-shirt, you know? Here’s some shots. I am terrified to color this though, so I have been sitting on it for a minute. I can’t decide wether I want it done with some crazy Photoshop layers and overlays or standard Illustrator vector blah. I dont know dude, but keep those eyes nice and peeled.

process shot
mean mug
pen-15 club
ready for color
ready for color

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