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Yeti Struttin’ Straight Into Your Heart

Yeti struttin so hold on to your hat…


This yeti boy knows where it’s at.

He’s such a bad boy. Like he doesn’t even care.

One cool bad boy strutting through the arctic, not giving a HECK about global warming.

This was designed for a band. But it doesn’t appear that they’re going to use it, so HERE YA GO.

I slapped that boy on REDBUBBLE. He looks quite neat on most everything!

Lookit him on that fresh boi’s shirt. His foot is large and in charge and it’s right in your dang FACE.

Really do enjoy how this fresh faced furry looks as a sticker. So fresh indeed, you know? You do? Well ok. I didn’t know.

Anyway, it was really great to get back into drawing with the tablet. Holy crap I’ve been busy with my new gig so I’ve been pretty exhausted. I’m trying tho. I’m trying.

Check out Yeti Strut on Redbubble and stay tuned for some more designs popping up soon.


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