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Zombie Monday Collection


A lot of people have been asking “what in the name of sweet-tart farts happened to the zombie drawings on the website?!” Just like that. Asking just like that.

Those went down with the ship of the old site in 2013. But here they are again if you’re interested.

A little background: I drew these every Monday following the Walking Dead. Went on for about a month or so. People on the Facebook page would give me suggestions of who to zombify and I’d do my damnest to draw them.

I had the intention of making it into a book. I even printed all the pages and bound them accordion style myself, which was absolutely maddening. It was a lot of work. I could still potentially create this book now that there’s all sorts of websites that just let you upload a file. It’d be nice to have in my arsenal. Anyway, here they are. All the zombies I drew (I think). Click the pictures for the full view.

A zombie.
A zombie.
Urkel Zombie
Urkel Zombie
Doug Zombie
Douglas Yancy Zombie
Oh Myy Zombie
Oh myyy Zombie
Muppet Baby Zombies
Muppet Babies Zombies
Zombie Finale
The Zombie Finale
Banana Zombie (dumb)
Banana Zombie (dumb.)
Lemme Ax U Sumfin
Lemme Ax U Sumfin


Camel Zombie
Camel Zombie

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