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Buff Cactus Flexing the Night Away

buff cactusbuff cactus

This is a buff cactus and you better believe he’s about to steal your girl.

He is all natural, despite wha the haters think. No growth hormones. No pesticides. Just an all natty prickly boy.

No sketch for this one, just drew him nice and simple. Dusted off the Wacom tablet and went to town.

Snagged that color palette at the tried and true colourlovers.com. Set the color layers to Multiply over a halftone pattern layer I built in Photoshop. This was my first time using this technique but I think it yielded a decent result.

Nothing all to fancy with this fella. I picture him being the boss in a side scroller beat-em-up. Kinda like a Castle Crashers. I just want to make a video game. That’s all I want!

Anyway… This Buff Cactus boy is available at Redbubble if ya even give one single heck. He’s also available at Teepublic.

Don’t talk to him tho, he’s kind of a… Prick..


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