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Executioner Wins! [How to Get A Head]


The executioner dude won the poll.


Phew, I thought I was going to have to draw a witch.

Here he is, an experienced ballet dancer. An experienced murderer. So graceful. So fluid.

I drew this out in my moleskine sketchbook and wasn’t too happy with it, but I kept going. FUN FACT: apparently my eraser can erase pen because I had to re-trace it over after trying to get rid of the pencil base.

I used some fun texture vectors from True Grit to pull it all together in the digital process. Really love working with them! Wish I need to update my Illustrator so I can play around with the new packs!

I’m kinda happy with it. I feel like a created a new character I can use going forward. Not sure where exactly he fits in in this weird little universe, but he’s existing somewhere!

Would love for someone to give him a name. I’ll give you stickers.

I uploaded it to Redbubble. Take a look.

Check out the detail shots below too! New poll soon! THANKS LOVE YOU BYE.

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